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The Company Profile

Beijing Soly Technology Company Limited is a high-tech enterprise owned by China Shougang Group.

For ages, Soly places a high value on automatic, informationalized, digital and intelligent technology and production research and system integration for metallurgy, nonferrous mines, gold mines, coal mines, and other mining industry, as well as pelletizing and sintering process. At present, the company is the integrator of intelligent system for mining industry with the most comprehensive strength in China.

Soly’s longstanding commitment to the communities reflects its belief——donating time and skills, protecting the environment, ensuring employee safety. It’s a commitment that has not gone unnoticed, securing our efforts and performance recognized by the general public.
Soly is also a company caring employer.
Technical Advantage
Soly has a long-established background in mining industry, whose technology and products are comprehensively summed up and sublimated from 50-year production and management practice of Shougang Mining Corporation.

The technical team of Soly always works for mines, and constantly accumulates production and management practice, making scientific research and practice. Its technology and product are practical and applicable for mines.
Soly has its own mine to try out, and its technology and product are used firstly in Shougang Mining Corporation, and then extended after mature. 

Rich experience of project implementation for mining industry.
We offer technological training for our customers about craft, equipment, devices, software and hardware in Shougang Mining Corporation, our training base.

Industrial Advantage   

The first one to comprehensively and successfully construct digital mine in China

The first one to successfully use ERP system in mine industry in China

The first one to stably operate the GPS truck intelligent dispatching system in mine industry in China

The first one to successfully implement GPS drill high precision location system in mine industry in China

The first one to realize electronic control system for ac electric drive mine truck in China

The first one to pass national acceptance for the six systems for safety in underground mining in China
The first one to build pelletizing plant with grate-kiln process in China
The first one to realize unattended operation belt system in mine industry in China 


Gain the Second Award of the Scientific and Technological Progress of the State

In the first batch pass the demonstration engineering acceptance of the Safety Technology “four batches” of the State Administration for Safety Management and Control.

Gain the Award of outstanding application of the integration of informatization and industrialization in China


The patent on remote control the underground locomotive from the ground

The patent on GPS automatic drill holes arrangement system

The patent on an automatic pulp sampling machine

The patent on automatic magnetic iron separation device and its circuit control system

The patent on spiral automatic sampler

The patent on automatic sampler of material conveying pipeline

The patent on automatic sampling device for blast furnace reverts

The patent on automatic discharging control system of the recirculation cooler trolley

The paten on a sort of water control method of mixture used in sintering production