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The automatic trolley feeding system

The system adopts advanced material level detection technology in warehouse, position detection technology of feeding trolley, and accurate trolley positioning technology, achieve automatic running and feeding, avoid empty warehouse and material overflow. The system exempts the post personnel away from the field and realizes the system unattended.

Realize the trolley feeding system unattended

Online display the material level of warehouses, give out alarm prompt when the warehouse is full

Display the running position of feeding trolley in real time

The trolley automatically runs and feed

Flexibly sets up the feeding rules

The running position of the trolley can be calibrated

Data recording and alarm function

Record the historical data of material level in warehouse and belt conveyor current.

Monitor the belt machine for tearing, blocking, off-tracking, rope-pulling and other faults, and give out alarms.

 PLC equipment fault diagnosis and alarms.

Realize belt unattended, change production management mode

Real-time monitoring data, provide reliable data for system informatization

Improve working environment, reduce occupational diseases and improve essential safety