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The unattended belt system

Belt is the "main artery" connecting processes in beneficiation production, which plays a very important role in production. Whether it can operate normally and effectively directly affects the stable running of operation and production.

The system cancels the guarding posts and realizes the unattended belt system by effective technology and management means. It establishes a new mode of production organization, implementing specialized point inspection and cleaning system, achieving the belt system operates stably a long period.
Video monitoring realizes remote monitoring
Install detection and protection devices such as off-tracking, slip and material blocking, and connect to the control system, realizing real-time monitoring and controlling belt running state and detection points.

Strengthen belt management
Realize the unattended belt, in addition to necessary technical means, it is necessary to strengthen management to realize the belt can stably operate in long period.
The unattended belt system can bring huge economic and management benefits:

Reduce post personnel, save labor cost;
Reduce belt material dropping and off-tracking, decrease the labor intensity of cleaning and dealing with problems at site
Improve belt operation efficiency, reduce downtime and improve production efficiency
Resolve the problems of dust, material dropping and off-tracking, cancel guarding posts, reduce the probability of occupational disease and eliminate the safety accidents caused by belt running.