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The Six Systems for Safety and Escaping from Danger

System introduction

The system establishes an integrated management platform for safety production based on underground production data, voice and pictures, to visually and real time display underground production data, overall control underground safe production conditions, enhancing the ability of disaster resistance and emergency refuge, preventing from production accidents and guaranteeing complete and intrinsically safety of underground operation.

System Highlight

Realize the target of real-time underground personnel positioning, seeking out any personnel working underground within 5 minutes, and successfully go up to ground within 15 minutes.

System functions

Real-time underground personnel positioning
Two-way voice communication between ground and underground
Real-time and on-line monitoring of underground key equipment
Real-time monitoring and analysis of underground production data
Video monitoring and inspecting of key position underground
Monitoring and inspecting of underground water, air and power supply
Interlock control of underground local fans, in the realization of air supply as required.
The refuge chamber can give emergency shelter when catastrophes happen
The forced air self rescue system can offer sufficient air to meet the respiratory need of miners seeking refuge.
The water supply system can give enough water to miners seeking refuge.


System effect

Accurate positioning enhances the ability of disaster reduction and rescue.
Real-time monitoring to grasp production information in time
Based on platform management, uniformly supervising manufacturing, commanding and dispatching
The system is economic, high efficient, safe, reliable and practicable.
Standardization construction of the system accords with national rules and regulations.