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The Unmanned Track Haulage System for Underground Mines


Using mature industrial-grade hardware, base on optimal train routing theory and cost-effectiveness accounting method, the system successfully fulfills automatic operating mode of underground track haulage system, promoting evolution and reform of management mode in underground mines, and providing technical support for constructing digital mines.


Fulfill automatic train operating of underground track haulage system
Initiate new running mode that is driverless in underground locomotive in domestic
Achieve networking, digital and visual management for underground track haulage system

Current situation
Ore drawing process needs cooperation between the driver and a miner.
1. Good teamwork between the driver and the miner is difficult to get.
2. The running-in time of the two persons is long.
3. Low ore loading efficiency.
High requirement for the driver
1.      Complicated operation
2.      Great labor intensity
3.      High cost for training the driver
The operator can’t master the production condition at site in time
1. The communication between the operator and driver is not smooth.
2. Assignment can’t be transmitted timely.
3. The operator can’t grasp variations of output and staff at site.
Harsh working environment in underground mines
1. Heavy dust
2. Strong noise
3. High moisture
Man-made reasons
1. Loaf on the job
2. Wear and tear due to man-made causes


Unit of dispatching trains and ore proportioning:
digital ore proportioning system, digital dispatching trains

Locomotive unit:
automatic locomotive control system, assistant system for automatic locomotive control, synchronous double-locomotive control system

Ore loading unit:
automatic ore loading control system, video monitoring system in ore loading process, detecting system of ore level in chute

Operating unit:
operating control system, power supply protection system, operating desk system

Ore unloading system:
automatic ore unloading system, automatic sweeping system, Railway Scale weighing system, ore level detecting system

Track control system:
point machine control system, signal light control system, signal light command system

Communication network unit:
wire communication system, wireless communication system, integration of wire and wireless communication


Trains are operated automatically in underground track haulage system;
Smart ore proportioning;
Trains run automatically;
Remote control the ore loading process;
Automatically unload ores, automatically sweep;
Automatically control track signal system;
Safeguard for train automatically operating in underground track haulage system;
Anti-collision protection;
Fault protection;
Locomotive historical route playback;
The smart information platform real time displays operation condition of locomotives;
Record operation data, and develop report customization.


Realize unattended operation of underground track haulage system, and optimize product pattern.
Reduce workers in underground, and decrease labor cost.
Improve working environment, enhance intrinsic safety level.
The intelligent operation mechanism promotes management evolution.


Establishment of new track haulage system for underground mines.
Improvement of ever existing track haulage system for underground mines.


The first one to achieve automatic track haulage operating in undergrounds mines in China.
Obtain the first prize of science and technology in metallurgical mines in 2014.
Accepted by The State Administration of work safety of China in May, 2014, and appointed as the first batch of security technology “four for one string” demonstration project
Award the second prize of China National Science and technology progress in December, 2015.