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Truck Security and Anti-collision System

System profile

In the mining production, traffic safety is a key link of safety production. The GPS truck security and anti-collision pre-warning system provides necessary technical facilities for drivers, enhances the vehicle active safety and provides technical support for vehicle driving safety.
In running, when the truck encounters other trucks driving in the same or opposite direction, if the distance between two trucks exceeds the safe distance, the intelligent terminal will automatically switch to “Map Zoom In” mode from “Full-scrolling Map” mode and hint the number, speed, direction and other information of the pre-warned truck. The intelligent terminal displays the real geographic orientation of related trucks by the way of moving bull's-eye inside the pre-warning scope on the screen, in order to give security for drivers.
System function

Identify intelligently if drivers drives against traffic regulation

When trucks stop for no reason, overspeed and drive against traffic regulation, the intelligent terminal will send warning message to the dispatching center, including truck number, driver’s name and related warning content, so the dispatching center can master the operating state of trucks in time. At the same time, the intelligent terminal will give an alarm to the driver, telling the illegal behavior to him.
The pre-warned voice prompt

The system uses intelligent analysis technology, gives different collision warnings according to different distances between trucks, which are hinted by voice and visually displayed by graph. Decrease the danger that may exists when drivers drive trucks in the complex environment in the mining area and enhance the safety management level of mining production.