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Truck Weighing and Measuring System

System introduction

The vehicular weighing sensor computes the lifting force of the lifting oil cylinder at some specific position, and measures the material weight in the truck. The measuring signal is directly sent into control instrument, in which the signals of pressure sensor and position switch are disposed, and then the weight signal is displayed. When the full loaded trucks arrive at the unloading stations, the lift hopper will unload the ore, which will trigger the vehicular weighing system and upload the weight data to GPS terminals.

System Highlight

It is hydraulic weighing system, without changing the car body structure, without mechanical wear parts, to ensure trucks running secure and long-time reliable working.
It is dynamic weighing system, without changing the original operation procedure.
It is trigger weighing system, to be convenient for real-time monitoring and recalling operation process.

System functions

Trigger weighing, real-time uploading the information of truck weight;
The users of truck driver, excavator driver and network station can real-time feedback the loading.

System effect

Real-time collection and transportation of truck weight data, realize online monitor.
Effectively solve truck overweight and oil loses, and the trucks can run with reasonable load, prolonging truck longevity, reducing oil consumption.
Cut down production cost, profoundly influencing mining production.