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Truck Fuel Consumption Monitoring System

System Introduction

The system oils the trucks entering into oil stocks according to truck ID, and records oil volume of each truck, real-time monitoring of vehicle’s fuel, on-line displaying the information of oil value, oil temperature, etc, offering oil consumption records and statistical data to administrators. The system can strengthen refined management for truck’s oil consumption, and reduce oil cost.

System Highlight

Oiling the trucks according to ID;

Offering precise and reliable data of oil level;

Wireless network to transporting data;

Report service, such as fuel consumption, analysis for fuel consumption;

System functions

Oil automation;

Real-time counting up oil consumption;

Alarming at oil top and bottom bounds;

Alarming when oil volume plunging;

Counting up the oil volume;


Real-time collecting and transporting oil data, bounds alarm, realizing on-line monitoring fuel, and avoiding abnormal consumption.
Automatically counting up fuel, consumption, and offering various production reports, enhancing productivity.
Accurate analysis of oil data, offering base to manage fuel consumption, reducing production cost for enterprises.