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Consultation, Planning and Implementation of establishing intelligent mines for mining group

The design principle of the system architecture

The architecture design of the application system shall adapt to the inherent characteristics of business development and ensure the sustainability of the overall structure. Application architecture design shall follow the following principles:
Simplification: the integrated interface between the overall structure and internal application system of the application system architecture shall be simply and clearly designed, to be easy maintenance and integration. The definition and division of the application system shall be simple and clear. The architecture of the application system shall be simple and clear
Standardization: the application system architecture is mainly required to make standardized design in aspects of application system platform technology, development and design, application system integration interface, data definition, data exchange and system operation and usage.
Integration: the integration design principle requires on the overall level of application system architecture, planning the business function scope of each application system, the design requirements of main functional components, the coordination relationship between systems, data consistency interface and so on.
Modularity: the modularity of application system architecture mainly refers to the system components with relative independent function in each business application, so as to form the coupling relationship between business application modules. Subsystem design technology can be used to form a relatively independent standard module for functions or components that require higher module sharing in business applications.

System architecture model

Business architecture model

The business architecture model of intelligent mines:

                                      The business architecture of intelligent mines

Data architecture model

Formulation of good data modeling and data standards is the basis for data sharing and ensuring consistency, integrity and accuracy. With this foundation, enterprises can gradually deepen by the application of information system and finally realize the management decision based on data.

data architecture of intelligent mine

Functional architecture model

The intelligent mine construction mainly adopts the "five-level structure", that is, the first-level is digital instrument and instrument layer, which is the basic hardware layer of informatization and hardware provides basic data acquisition at work site. The second-level is process control system, which is software that provides process control or data acquisition. The third-level is production execution layer, which provides business execution systems of various specialties. The fourth-level is enterprise resource planning layer, which provides enterprise management and applications. The fifth-level is decision support layer, which provides a variety of decision support systems. The first and second levels are workshop-level operation control, the third level is production execution in subsidiary corporation, the fourth level is group-level operation and management, and the fifth level is decision-making made by high-level in the group or business management between groups.

diagram of intelligent mine five level structure 

Technical architecture model

The technical framework designed from the control layer, execution layer and planning layer is shown as follows:

 Technical framework of intelligent mine

The modules of the system integrate and coordinate with each other, forming a complete intelligent mine management system