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The intelligent solutions for pelletizing complete process

System introduction

The core technology of the oxidized pellet production line is composed of three machines, grate-kiln-recirculation cooler. This production process has been tested by Shougang Mining Company since 1985. After 15 years of production exploration and research, through technological transformation, the first oxidized pellet production line with the production of one million tons/year in China was successfully launched in 2000.

In April 2003, the company completed the first domestic grate - rotary kiln - ring cooling machine oxidation pellet production line of 2 million tons/year. 

Through exploring the process data of three main engines, grate, rotary kiln and ring cooling machine, in 2003 our company developed the first domestic automation control system of pelletizing production process with output of 2 million tons/year. After nearly 10 years of exploration and improvement, we have possessed rather mature pelletizing automation technology solution.

According to our experience and the needs of customer, we can provide customers with the review and improvement of pelletizing automation drawings, and we have stable engineering and technical personnel to ensure the system can be put into operation quality-assured and timely.

Pelletizing automation has become the business card of our company.