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The intelligent solutions for pelletizing complete process

Based on perfect automatic production data collection and control system, it not only realizes the interlocking control of the production equipment in the whole sintering process, but also has the functions of real-time data collection and analysis, process and equipment status monitoring and alarm, process trend data collection and processing, report printing, upper picture display and so on. The system can realize basic automation and computer control of sintering process control equipment
According to technological process, the whole production process is divided into several closed-loop control systems, and the production links are controlled based on the final product feedback, forming a large closed-loop control overall. In order to realize optimization control in production process, different control methods are adopted for different control contents

For example, the optimal material ratio algorithm is used to guide dosing production, and the dynamic compensation algorithm is used to improve dosing accuracy. Fuzzy control technology is used to control and adjust the water content in mixture. Combined with raw material composition and production process data, predict sintering composition to form closed-loop control of sinter ore composition.